Las Rąk | Studio Kreatywne
Jesteśmy nowym, niezależnym studiem kreatywnym. Zobacz nasze portfolio i sprawdź co możemy zrobić dla Ciebie. Zapraszamy!
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Fonts? Usually we don’t need that much time, but we can look for it even for a week to make sure it correlates with idea behind the brand.We carefully remove layer after layer, until we are left only with what’s the most important: the essence. It is only then, that we can say with clear conscience: the project is finished. We prefer forms to be minimal, clear and visible. We project for ATL, digital and print.


We’re frowning, chewing on our pencils, erasing, toddling, sighing and… coming up with creative concepts, which are coherent, comprehensive and adjusted to the needs of a given client. We believe that easy solutions, taken with a pinch of salt, are the best ones - and that is what we search in advertising.


We know that one picture tells more than a thousand words and we use this knowledge shamelessly. In our films, we smuggle condensated emotional load, which explodes in the hearts of the viewers. Regardless of the form and size of the production, we can combine proper ingredients to catch and keep viewer’s attention on the most important things.

Las Rąk

In our company you will find titans of design, masters of programming, young filmmakers and a man who can manage all of that. We were joined together by the joy of creating together, and after many years of working in different agencies, we are ready for our own challenges. We like diversity and this is why we accept small and big projects, high and low budget ones, we support advertising agencies and service individual clients. There is no such thing for us as less and more important projects. We want to create nice things in a positive work environment.

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